Preparing the poster

  • Poster size. The optimal size for your poster is A0, with it's standard dimensions (Height X Width): 1189 X 841 mm (46.8 X 33.1 in). All posters must fit within this size.
  • Poster structure. You need to give your poster an understandable structure. The following points are suggested:
    • Title
    • Authors and affiliations. Speaker name should be underlined
    • Introduction (background, motivation, purpose of research)
    • Materials and Methods (assign scientific name for your materials)
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion and future plan
    • Reference, acknowledgement, or URL, if required
  • Appearance. Font size of body text should be easily legible by someone standing up to 2m away and up to 5m for the main title. Long lines of text are very difficult to follow, and too small fonts are also difficult to read. Separate each part by columns would facilitate understanding your excellent research to the audience.
    Assign number for each logical block or enclose them with a box would also help to understand the logical flow. You don't need to use many font styles (less is better). Changing the size or font face (bold or italic) is a simple, but effective way to emphasize important part of your poster.