How do I pay the Symposium fees?

In order to book and pay your registration, you have to log in and make a new order.

We prepared a short image tutorial. Just follow the red marks on the images, highlighting the precise actions that you have to take.

1. Log In

Go to the login page (click here)

Log In with your email and password (that you choose during the registration phase). Use the login form, as highlighted in the photo:

After logging in, you will be redirected to your account dashboard.

If you are already logged in and browsing the website, you cand go to your account dashboard by clicking on the options from the user menu (top right corner of the screen). See the picture:

2. Navigate to the ,,Orders" section

In your account dashboard, go to the left side menu and click on orders, as described in the picture:

In the ,,Orders" section, click on ,,New Order". See below:

3. Add items to your order

To purchase the Registration Fee, Galla Dinner participation fee or Post Symposium Tours fees, search for them on the ,,New Order" page and click on the ,,Add to order". Each time you click the button, the corresponding product will be added in your order. For example, if you click 3 times on ,,Add to order" for the Registration Fee, than 3 Registration Fees will be added to your order. This is useful if you want to pay the registration fee for a group. If you mistakenly add too much products, just reload the page and your order will be resetted. All the items added to the order will be visible in the ,,Order Overview" section.

After you finish adding products to your order, click on the ,,Confirm" button, under the ,,Order overview" section (see the picture below).

4. Select your payment type

You can choose to pay using bank transfer or credit card. In the ,,Payment options" section, click on the desired payment method: ,,Bank transfer" or ,,Card".

If you select Card payment, after you click on ,,Submit order", you will be redirected to a secure online payments portal, where you will be prompted for your Card details, in order to pay. After that you will be informed both on the screen and email about the success or insuccess of your payment.

* The payments done using bank transfer will be manually confirmed by the organisers. This may take few business days, as we have to check if the payment is received in order to confirm it.

* The card payments are confirmed immediately after making a successfull payment.